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Course Approval

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Before participating in a study abroad program, students must outline a plan of study for their semester. Students must find courses at the foreign university that are equivalent to courses at PKU HSBC Business School. In order to do so, students must fully understand the curriculum of the courses they anticipate taking while abroad. Once students have selected their study-abroad courses they must print out the course syllabi and complete the form below.  Students on a PKU HSBC Business School Exchange should begin this process after being nominated. Students participating in an exchange through a different method should also fill out this form before completing the leave of absence process.

Exchange courses will be reviewed and equivalencies determined by an Exchange Credit Sub-Committee.  Only graduate-level courses may be transferred, and courses taken abroad will only be able to count toward Major Elective or Non-Major Elective courses.  Courses taken abroad cannot be counted toward Required courses. If for some reason the courses you planned to take are unavailable when you begin studying at the foreign university then you will need to go through a post-approval process after returning.  The post-approval process does not guarantee that you will receive credit for the courses you took abroad.  To prevent this situation it is recommended that students select a few alternate courses in case of course unavailability.

After completing the application form the courses listed will be reviewed for any overlap with courses that you have already taken or that are required courses.  The grade and course title of the courses will be determined upon your return after PHBS has received your transcript from abroad.

When the form is complete submit one pdf, that includes the form and all necessary syllabi, to Nicole Chastagner in PHBS 114
Download and complete this form: Course Pre-Approval Form

For an example of how to complete the Course Pre-Approval Form please see here.

When it is time to return to PHBS you must be sure to request an official transcript from the exchange university along with a grade conversion scale and have it mailed to the PHBS office.  The address is:

PHBS Administrative Office, 114
Peking University HSBC Business School
University Town, Nanshan District
Shenzhen 518055, China