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Information for Exchange Partners and Students

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Information for Exchange Students and Partners

Contact Information
Nicole Chastagner
Associate Director, MA/PhD Office
Head of International Affairs
+86 0755 2603 6197
 (Primary contact for incoming/outgoing and MOU related matters)
 Summer Zhang
International Services Manager
+86 0755 2603 3097
(Contact for the visa/documentation process)

Application Process

The student selection process is to be conducted first by the home institutions of incoming students. Each exchange partner can nominate up to the number of students agreed upon by the partners.  Nominations should be made by the university exchange coordinator by email to Nicole Chastagner containing the students’ name, desired focus of study, gender, date of birth, nationality and email address.

After exchange partner schools have nominated students, each student will need to complete an online application. Students will receive instructions on this process after they have been nominated. Students must complete the application before the deadline as we cannot accept late applications. We do not require the submission of a TOEFL or IELTS, but we expect that the home university will ensure their students have an English level equivalent to an 89 TOEFL iBT or a 6.5 IELTS. Unless a nominee fails to meet the language requirements of HSBC Business School, he/she will begin working immediately to complete all the required procedures.

Term Dates:     

Fall 2015: August 31st – January 15th
Spring 2016: February 22nd —July 1st
Future Fall Terms: late August or early September—mid to late January
Future Spring Terms: mid to late February—late June or early July

Important Dates:

  Fall Spring
Term Dates Fall 2015: August 31st-January 15th Spring 2016: February 22nd-July 1st
Nomination Deadline April 1st November 15th
Application Deadline April 6th November 25th
Visa Documentation and Admission Letter Sent out end of May/beginning of June Sent out end of December/beginning of January
Orientation Two weeks before 1st day of class A few days before 1st day of class
Course Selection The week preceding each module The week preceding each module
Observed Holidays Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day Holiday, New Year’s Day Ancestors Memorial Day (Tomb Sweeping), Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival
Exams Last two days of 1st module and last two days of 2nd module Last two days of 3rd module and last two days of 4th module
Housing Checkout First Monday after 2nd module exams First Monday after 4th module exams
Transcript Issuing Late February Late September

About HSBC Business School
    For more than 100 years, Peking University has been an elite institution of learning, recognized internationally as one of China's premier centers of academic excellence. Founded in 2004, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School of Business was renamed HSBC Business School (PHBS) in August 2008. PHBS seeks not only to build on Peking University's inspiring traditions, but also to develop its own reputation as an international leader in business education.

    Located in the thriving entrepreneurial city of Shenzhen, and immediately adjacent to the financial hub of Hong Kong, the business school lies at the very heart of one of the world's most promising metropolitan areas. Few other regions in China offer a more suitable setting for an institution destined to become this country's foremost graduate business school.

    At the center of any great university is its faculty, and at the present the PKU HSBC School of Business has 55 full-time professors, all of whom have earned their PhD degrees at world-class universities. This core faculty is augmented by over 45 professors from both Hong Kong University and the Beijing campus of Peking University, who visit the Shenzhen campus on a regular basis.

    PKU HSBC Business School is currently commissioned with eight research centers, all of which focus on specialized research areas in the Chinese economic and financial markets.
     Exchange students are eligible to take courses in PHBS’s Master of Management, Master of Economics or Master of Finance. These programs are all taught in English.
Master of Management
Master of Economics
Master of Finance

Courses and Course Selection Process
The course listing for previous Modules can be found on our website at:  
PHBS’s course catalog can be found on our website as well. The course catalog includes all possible courses that can be offered. Some elective courses may not be offered every year, and the semesters in which courses are offered is subject to change. Course Catalog:
The final course arrangement and course syllabi will be available to view a week prior to the resumption of courses. Exchange students will register for courses on campus during the orientation process. Exchange students will have all elective courses available to them. Required courses must have professor approval in order for exchange students to be eligible to take the course. Exchange students will still need to pay close attention the class size cap and select courses in a timely manner as PHBS will be unable to assist students in registering for courses that have already reached their size cap. The class size cap for finance and economics elective courses is 60 students. For management elective courses the class size cap is 35.
Course selections will take place in PHBS’s online course management system. Login information for each student will be provided to them during the orientation period.
The first week of courses is an add/drop period where students may freely change courses. During the second week students may only drop courses with professor approval and will not be allowed to add new courses. After the second week students are not permitted to drop or withdraw from courses.

Grading and Credit System
PHBS grades are awarded on a percentage scale of 0-100. The minimum passing grade is a 70. This percentage scale can be equated to an American style letter grade. The chart below shows the percentile ranking and the equivalent letter grade. PHBS courses are worth 3 credits, consisting of 36 in class lecture hours plus an additional 9 faculty office hours or TA session hours. PHBS students’ maximum course load for one semester is 18 credits, 6 courses.


PHBS Grade

US-Style Letter Grade



















69 and below




Visa Documentation
Peking University HSBC Business School will cooperate with incoming exchange students to arrange for the appropriate documentation. Students will be responsible for researching the specific application requirements for their country. Single semester exchange students will be provided with an admission notice to be used for applying for an X2 student visa. Currently at this point we are only able to guarantee single entry visas. A single entrance will restrict students to the mainland, and students will be unable to go to Hong Kong or Macau. Detailed information on visas is provided after nomination and acceptance.

Health Insurance Coverage
All exchange students must have sufficient health insurance to cover them during their time in China. Students may have insurance from their own local insurance provider or they may purchase short term insurance from Ping’an Health Insurance for 400 RMB per semester. Students will need to provide medical insurance proof upon arrival. At a minimum, students will be expected to have medical insurance from their home country that provides international coverage in case of hospitalization. International student insurance that includes medical evacuation and repatriation is also recommended.

Campus Life

Exchange students will have the possibility to apply for accommodation in the on-campus dormitory complex. Housing cannot be guaranteed, but PKU Shenzhen will do their best to provide housing. In the case of a shortage of rooms some students may not have the choice of a single room, and some students may be assigned to double rooms. Rooms are 16 square meters, with a private western bathroom and a balcony, bed, desk, wardrobe, hot water and air conditioner (no heater). The first floor of the dormitory has a laundry room with washing machines and dryers. You can visit our campus tour to discover our campus and dorm rooms.
On campus housing utilities are paid by pre-paid water cards and an electronic payment system for dormitory electricity. Depending on your personal habits, utilities are typically 200 RMB per month. Some students may find that they run through money more quickly due to extensive air conditioning use and long hot showers. 
Expenses:  Single room: 6,000 RMB/semester **
                      Double room: 3,000 RMB/semester **
                     Utilities: approximately 200 RMB/month
         *On-campus housing expenses must be paid in full during or before Orientation
        **Final fees for 2016-2017 are subject to change
PKU Campus Dining Hall
A wide selection of Chinese food is available, in either prepared or made-to-order lines. All dish names are listed in English and Chinese. You can use your campus card to pay. The dining hall has a noodle bar, dumplings, soups, and many made-to-order Chinese options.
Dinner:17:00-19:00 & 20:00-00:00

University Café
Dark wood, comfortable couches and soft music make this a popular student hangout. The menu is diversified to include more Western dishes, though there’s also a broad range of Chinese noodle and rice-based dishes to choose from. Blended fruit juices and smoothies are also available.
Hours: Every day 10:00-22:30

Cooking Fun Restaurant
Choice of American, Japanese, Indian or Hong Kong dishes.
Hours: Every day 10:00-22:00

Subway Restaurant
English-speaking staff. Frequent promotions and "sandwich of the day" offers.
Hours: Every day 7:00-23:00
NYPD  Pizza Delivery
NYPD offers American style pizzas, sandwiches, starters and salads.  You can create your own pizza, or enjoy one of their signature pizzas such as, Hawaiian Gourmet, The Godfather and Chicken Bacon Ranch. NYPD is a local pizza chain and has arguably some of the best pizzas you can find in Shenzhen.  
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00am-9:00pm
Shang Shu Fang Restaurant
Located in the new PHBS building, this restaurant offers a nice variety of both Chinese and Western dishes.
Hours: 7:30-22:00
Starbucks Coffee
Located in the PHBS building, students may find a full Starbucks coffee shop on the first floor.
Hours: 7:30-22:00
Wagon Wheel
Located on the 2nd floor of the PHBS building, this student operated shop offers snacks, drinks, and printing/copying services
Hours: 8:00-20:00

Campus Convenience Stores
There are two convenience stores that offer a selection of snacks and drinks, fresh fruit, daily-use products, stationery, dry cleaning, postal services, and bike rental.
Hours: 7:00am-1:30am

Peking University students can also use their campus cards to eat at any of the other dining halls in University Town (Tsinghua University and Harbin Institute of Technology) and buy snacks at any of the convenience stores in University Town.
Anticipated Cost of Living
Personal costs vary significantly from student to student, based on personal preferences in dining, entertainment, and travel. Students who prefer to eat off-campus will naturally face a heavier financial burden, as will students who prefer to take advantage of nightlife in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Still, this doesn’t stop international students from exploring what Shenzhen and China have to offer, and the cost of these experiences relative to their cost in most Western countries remains much more affordable. HSBC Business School recommends that exchange students set aside money to travel while keeping track of personal finances. While HSBC Business School organizes day and weekend trips for students once or twice per semester, exchange students will have additional opportunities to travel individually during the academic year.
International Student Resources
HSBC Business School Staff
Nicole Chastagner
Contact for Incoming Exchange Process
Summer Zhang
Contact for Visa Questions
+86 0755 2603 3097
Peking University Shenzhen Staff
Megan Mancenido
Contact for Campus Life Questions
+86 0755 2603 3261
Additional Resources:
Graduate Student Handbook:
For more information on international student life and transitioning to Shenzhen, please visit