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  • Soo Young Kwon, Ph.D

  • Professor
  • Ph.D., Accounting, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Fields:Financial Accounting, Auditing
  • Office Phone Number:+86-755-2603-3405
  • Office Room:735
Research Fields:
Audit quality, audit pricing and audit effort, voluntary disclosure

Ph.D., Accounting, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, US, Dec. 1991
M.A., Applied Economics, University of Rochester, Rochester, US, 1988
M.B.A., Accounting, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, US, 1986
B.A., Management, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, US, 1984
Working Experience:
CPA, Iowa, US
University of Utah, Assistant professor, 1991~1993
Lobbecke & Associates, Corporate accountant, 1993
Associate dean, Korea University Business School, 2005~2007
Vice president of administration and finance, Korea University, 2008
LGU+, Board of directors, 2008~2011
Korean Accounting Standards Board (KASB), Non-standing board of directors, 2011~2015
GS Home Shopping, Board of directors, 2015~present
Accounting Story (in Korean), Shin-Young Publishing Co., 2014.
Intermediate Accounting (in Korean), Pak-Young Publishing Co., 2005.

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Working Papers:
Kwon, S. Y. and H. S. Yi, “Do Social Ties between CEO and Engagement Audit Partners Affect Audit Quality and Audit Fees?” Submitted to Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory (2nd revision).
Chee, S. M., S. Y. Kwon, and J. H. Pyun, “Do Firms Make Investment Decisions in Anticipation of Recession?” Submitted to Journal of Finance.
Ki, E. S., S. Y. Kwon, and H. T. Tan, “Does Increased Audit Effort Play a Mitigating or Aggravating Role in Situations where Audit Quality is compromised?” Submitted to Journal of Accounting Research.
Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Accounting Theory, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Accounting Seminar, Auditing Seminar