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  • Fanmin Kong, Ph.D

  • Associate Professor
  • Ph.D., Human Resources and Industrial Relations, University of Minnesota
  • Fields:Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Organization Theory, Corporate Culture
  • Office Phone Number:86-755-2603-3654
  • Office Room:730
Research Fields:
Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Organization Theory, Corporate Culture

Ph.D., Human Resources and Industrial Relations, University of Minnesota, US, 2001
M.A., Economics, Peking University, Beijing, China, 1985
B.A., Economics, Peking University, Beijing, China, 1983
Working Experience:
Peking UNIVERSITY, HSBC School of Business
Associate Professor, Human Resources & Industrial Relations    8/2014 –
Peking UNIVERSITY, Guanghua School of Management
Associate Professor, Human Resources & Industrial Relations    8/2001 – 8/2014
Director, Corporate Culture Research Institute     2/2004 – 8/2014
Executive Director, Undergraduate & Postgraduate Program      7/2013 – 7/2014
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, CHRLS (Industrial Relations Center)
Visiting Professor   9/2007 – 8/2008
Research Fellow, Data Manager           9/1998 – 7/2001
Research Assistant, Instructor 9/1994 – 8/1998
KYUNG HEE UNIVERSITY, Graduate School of Business Administration
Professor of International HRM           6/2008 – 7/2008
PEKING UNIVERSITY, School of Economics
Lecturer of Economics   1/1986 – 8/1994
Visiting Scholar            9/1992 – 9/1993
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Working Papers:
Kong, Fanmin, and Junjing Lu, 2014. “The Nature of Industrial Relations and Its Impacts on Occupational Safety and Health in China” presented at the 6th Biennial IACMR conference, June 18-22, 2014, Beijing. An earlier version of this paper, coauthored with Yujie Cai, was also presented at the 65th LERA annual meeting in St. Louis, June 5-9, 2013.
Li, Lu, Fanmin Kong, Qiuge Qi, and Lin Zhou, 2014. “On the trend of employment discriminations in China labor markets: A content analysis of recruiting advertisements”, presented at the 6th Biennial IACMR conference, June 18-22, 2014, Beijing.
Ben-Ner, Avner, Fanmin Kong, and Stéphanie Lluis: “Do ESOP and Profit Sharing Matter? Productivity, Profitability, Employment, Wages, and Workplace Safety.” Conference Paper presented at the The 2012 Conference of The International Association for the Economics of Participation, Rutgers University, and at the 4th EMES International Conference on Social Enterpises, University of Liege (Belgium), July 2013. Submitted to Industrial & Labor Relations Review.
Kong, Fanmin and Lu Li. “Which Type of Employers Tends to Be More Fastidious in Recruiting?—New Evidence from Beijing’s Urban Labor Market”, presented at the 3rd Biennial IACMR conference, June, 2008, Guangzhou.
Kong, Fanmin and Yujie Cai. “The Effects of Regulations and Macroeconomic Policies on Workplace Safety in China Coal-Mining Firms”, Submitted to Human Relations for publication.
Ben-Ner, A., Y. Park, and F. Kong. “Organization of Work and Human Resource Management Practices: Consequences for Occupational Safety”, still under working.
Ben-Ner, Avner, Fanmin Kong, Zsushian Han, Nienchi Liu, Yong-seung Park, and Steve Smela. 2001 “What Works at Work? Evidence from the Minnesota Human Resources Management Practices Study,” CURA Reporter, University of Minnesota, No. 2, Vol. XXXI, pp. 9-17.

Ben-Ner, Avner, F. Kong, and S. Bosley. 1999. “Workplace Organization and Human Resources Practices: The Retail Food Industry,” TRFIC working paper 00-01,University of Minnesota.
Human Resource Management
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics