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  • Christopher Balding, PhD

  • Associate Professor
  • PhD, Political Economics, University of California at Irvine
  • Fields:Political Economics
  • Office Phone Number:+86-755-2603-2021
  • Office Room:RM 744, PHBS Building
Research Fields:

International Economics and Political Economics


PhD, Political Economics, University of California, 2009

MA, International Economics, The George Washington University, 2000

BA, International Affairs, The George Washington University Professional Service, 1998


Peking University HSBC School of Business Shenzhen, China

Associate Professor 2012-current

Assistant Professor of International Business 2009-2012

ESADE Geo-Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics Madrid, Spain; 2012-current

Non-resident Research fellow

The Milken Institute Santa Monica, California; 2007-2008

Research Associate, Capital Studies Division

Cee & Gee Funding Phoenix, Arizona; 2000 - 2003

Junior Vice President of Research, Private Equity Division 

Sovereign Wealth Funds: The New Intersection of Money and Politics, published by Oxford University Press

Publications in refereed journals:

"Optimal Portfolio Allocation for Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Shadow of Commodity Based National Wealth" with Yao Yao, International Finance Review, 2011, 12:293-312

"CDS Pricing and Elections in Emerging Markets" Journal of Emerging Market Finance, August 2011, 10(2): 121-173

"Re-examining the Impact of Democracy, Institutions, and International Trade", The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, October 2011, 20(5): 585-603 

"The Two Sided Market Clearing Institution Under Asymmetric Supply Constraints: The Market for Adoption and Abortion in the United States", Journal of Public Economic Theory, December 2010, 12(6): 1059-1080

"Joining the WTO: What is the Impact?", Review of International Economics, February 2010, 18(1): 193-206 

Invited and other published works:

"Innovations in Sovereign Wealth Funds for National Development", speech for the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission

"Sunken Treasure: Brazil, Deepwater Oil, and the Fondo Soberano do Brasil", with Ellen Campbell for forthcoming in Sovereign Wealth Funds 2012, editor Javier Santiso, ICEX and KPMG

"Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment and Risk Management", in Institutional Money Management: Objectives, Constraints, and Strategies edited by Hany Shawky and David Smith

"International Capital Markets and their Latin American Discontents", in The Oxford Handbook of Latin American Political Economy edited by Javier Santiso and Jeff Dayton-Johnson, Oxford University Press

"A Re-examination of the Relation between Democracy and International Trade: The Case of Africa", United Nations working paper

"A Portfolio Analysis of Sovereign Wealth Funds" in Regulating Foreign Capital edited by Justin O’Brien

"Sovereign Wealth Fund Risk Management in a Post Crisis World", Analyse Financiere, September 2010

"Sovereign Wealth Funds and the New Era of BRIC Wealth", Skolkovo Institute for Emerging Market Studies Issue Report, June 2010

"Who’s Afraid of Sovereign Wealth Funds?", Revue d’Economie Financiere, March 2009

"Chinese Mergers and Acquisitions Indicator", Xinhua Finance Milken Institute China Indicators Background Brief, March 2008 

Working Papers:
"A Brief Research Note on Temasek Holdings and Singapore: Mr. Madoff Goes to Singapore", SSRN Top Ten Downloaded Paper All Time in Emerging Markets Economics E-Journal

"Who Wants to Adopt and Who Wants to be Adopted: A Sample of American Families and Sub-Saharan African Orphans", with Feng Yan under review

"The Sources of Federal Income Tax Revenue" with Estelle Dauchy

"Crisis, Contagion, and Sovereign Risk" with Chi Li and Minsoo Lee

"Simplifying Gravity: A Portfolio Approach to Bilateral Trade" with Bernard Grofman and Mark Gray under review

"Calculating the Deadweight Loss from Restriction in Trade in the International Adoption Market"

"The Impact of Corporate Taxation on International Trade Among Developed Countries" with Estelle Dauchy

"An Analysis of Mortality Rates of Orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa"

"An Economic Theory of Sex Selective Abortion"

"Is Inequality Good for the Poor?" with Estelle Dauchy