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Financial and Capital Research Center of Peking University HSBC Business School

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The Financial and Capital Research Center (FCRC) of Peking University HSBC Business School is an application-oriented institute set up with the initiatives of organically integrating financial and capital research with industrial development. It is expected to become a leading application-oriented institute in China with globally acknowledged reputation. The Center is committed to constructing a pragmatic, systematic, comprehensive and open scientific research platform for integrated financial and capital research, education and consultation. Professor Hai Wen—vice-director of Peking University Council and president of Peking University HSBC Business School, chairs the Center, and Dr. Qiu Jinhui, an experienced investment banking expert and head of the IPO training project, serves as the executive director.

The transformation and upgrading of macro-economy and the reform and innovation of micro-bodies have become the mainstream of this era. In this new age characterized by “element capitalization and capital corporatization”, the Center will work attentively in the following aspects with a focus on the current problems and future directions in the financial and capital field: 1. study the existing problems and confusions in China’s financial and capital field, provide valuable research achievements for national policy-makers, companies and related financial institutions, with a view to forming an innovative research field with core competitiveness to drive and lead industrial development; 2. construct a positive and interactive research mechanism driven by the collaborative forces of “government, capitals, companies, industries, academia and research institutions”, with an aim to promote the joint growth of academic research, education and companies and become a pioneer that advocates “connection with the time, problem orientation, combination of industry and education, cooperation between universities and companies, integration of universities, industries and research institutions in the financial and capital field”; 3. study theories, monitor the trends, and solve problems, thus forging the Center into a hub of re-organizing and optimizing all the production elements under the guidelines of “marketization, capitalization and high efficiency”. The Center will assist the reform and innovation of SMEs by providing organizational (non-partial), systematic (non-fragmented) and unbiased (non-selfish) solutions and paths and become the “think tank” and driving force for institutions and companies at all levels.

Upholding the tenets of innovation and openness and the purpose of integrating “financial, social and cultural capitals”, the Center will collect all possible resources to create social values and contribute its efforts to making Peking University HSBC Business School a top business school in the world.