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PHBS JUCHENG CORP. & DOERS’ GROUP Research Center for Business Models

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    PHBS JUCHENG CORP. & DOERS’ GROUP Research Center for Business Models is a research organization co-initiated by Graduate School of Business Peking University, JUCHENG Corp. and Shanghai Doer’s Management Consulting Co, Ltd. Professor Wei Wei, Vice Dean of Graduate School of Business Peking University, is director of the center, which is supported by the excellent faculty and academic research of Graduate School of Business Peking University. By uniting the prosperous private enterprises in Shenzhen and Hong Kong to carry out business models research, generalization and application, our research center aims to strengthen the impact of business models spectrum in management research and reality.
    Our objective is to organize scholars and professionals both at home and abroad to set up a standardized research system for business models with cross subject methods. While probing into the essence of business models, we carry out investigation into real life cases to set up typical case base. We also utilize our research results to help enterprises re-assess their own business models and to re-design it, hence they can optimize their internal and external sources to gain competitive advantages.
    We devote our efforts to carry out standardized theoretical research on business models, to promote international academic communication within this area, to bring up suggestions on business models designing and optimization, and to help enterprises enhance their competitive edge and finally maximize firm values.
    We have published over 100 articles about Business Models on some famous magazines, such as PKU Business Review, Tsinghua Business Review, CEIBS Business Review and Money Makers. We have also published 5 books (4 in Chinese and 1 in English) and organized over 100 Business Models forums.