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Seminars——November 2014

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Director Deaths, CEO Relational Identification, and the Search for a Quiet Life: Evidence from Organizational Innovation Output
Guoli Chen, INSEAD, November 28

Embarrassing Exposure in Online Social Networks: Privacy Invasion and Relationship
Zhenhui Jiang, National University of Singapore, November 19

The Sheep of Wall Street: Correlated Trading and Investment Performance
Jing Zhao, The University of Hong Kong, November 19

Bayesian Persuasion with Multiple Receivers
Yun Wang, Xiamen University, November 17

Debt Covenant Violations and Trade Credit
Zilong Zhang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, November 12

Consolidating or Diversifying? Privatization and Business Portfolio Restructuring Strategy in China
Xu Han, University of Pennsylvania, November 12

Do Superstitious Traders Lose Money?
Utpal Bhattacharya, Indiana University, November 5