PHD in Economics

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PhD in Economics
The Doctoral Program in Economics at Peking University HSBC Business School is intended to provide a select number of students each year with unparalleled opportunity to conduct in-depth research by using the resources and human capital available on the PHBS campus. Therefore, the Department of Economics only selects exceptional Master’s candidates to advance to the PhD track. Only three PhD candidates are selected per class year.

Interested Master’s candidates can apply to the PhD program at the beginning of their second year. These students are mentored directly by the Deans of the School in advancing their thesis research proposals and are provided unique opportunities to investigate their respective fields through research projects.

Previously, HSBC Business School only allows current PHBS Master's candidates to apply to the Doctoral program in Economics. This is not only to ensure that the student is invested in the PhD program, but also provides evidence of the student's academic capability through his/her previous work in the Master's program. Allowing PhD students will also take advantage of the faculty and peer relationships they have already garnered during their final year, and thus can complete their dissertation project more quickly and thoroughly. Now students outside our program is allowed to apply directly given that they fulfill the following requirements

- Must pass HSK level 6
- Must have written a thesis in Chinese previously
- Must have masters in Economics, Finance or closely related field.

The Doctorate of Economics is a three-year, full-time program. PhD candidates are expected to conduct a thesis project, and the program culminates in a final thesis defense process.