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EDP Center
Brief introduction:
The EDP short-term study project for managers is designed to meet the needs of organization ascension, explore the excellent concept and help modern enterprise leaders to achieve success .
Right after the successful launching of classes like Management Course for CEO and MBA, Advanced Business Management Course and Financial Securities and Capital Operation for President in 2007, the EDP center further improved in 2008. After combination of the enterprise’s reality and repeated researches, the courses have been optimized and excellent courses like Business Model Design and Innovation and Private Equity Investment and Financing have been introduced. Additionally, the EDP center designs internal training courses for companies according to their specific needs, and provides management training plans that combine enterprise, culture and industry features to support the company’s organizational learning, organizational development and revolution.
The students in the EDP center are mainly government officials and top managers from multinational corporations, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises both at home and in the Hong Kong and Macao regions. The international and high-level forums and lectures help to broaden their horizon.  Regularly scheduled study tours to famous enterprises and classmates’ reciprocal visits are valuable experiences and skills to subside and optimize. As well, academic guidance teachers’ regular participation make it possible for participants to communicate smoothly with professors and interact with classmates equally in the platform of Peking University HSBC Business School.
Project Features:
Fully Reinforced Teachers:
Senior professors from Peking University and elites from all industries will give the lectures.
Practical Curriculum:
The courses are based on the global vision and focused on the successful China business models. In combination with the Chinese reality, the courses blend the traditional culture with the modern management wisdom to upgrade manager’s charm comprehensively. The curriculum emphasizes a focus on case analysis and the sharing of management experiences to strengthen the comprehensive management quality level.
Professional and Thoughtful Services:
The EDP Center has a professional and high-quality management team. Through continuous innovation and development, a standardized project operation system that includes curriculum development, teaching management and service support has been formed.
High-end and Extensive Connections:
The EDP Center has elaborately established an alumni communication platform, constructed a regular alumni communication mechanism and assisted students with sharing of alumni resources.