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Lifelong Connections Through the PHBS Network

The Alumni Association aims to bring together PHBS graduates from all class years in lifelong conversation and mutual cooperation. Through the Association, alumni and current students alike can find personal contacts, professional connections, and career development opportunities. The Alumni Association is not simply a means of social networking, but also a tool which allows for intellectual cooperation among PHBS alumni for life.
    The Peking University HSBC Business School Alumni Association is led by Association President Hai Wen and Vice President Vincent Chang. Annie Sun, the Career Development Manager, serves as General-Secretary and is therefore responsible for the daily operations of the Association. 
    The Alumni Association is divided between three domestic regions; the Eastern District, Southern District (based in Shenzhen), and Northern District (based in Beijing), all of which have separate regional offices to oversee alumni networking events and announcements. From a total of five graduated classes (Class of 2007-Class of 2011), PHBS currently has an alumni network of more than 600 alumni from the Full-time Master’s program.